Grieving What Is Still Alive But Lost

A hole in my chest where breath and beat used to be.
Ashe mother,
I am ready to acknowledge this love
For I want to be wonder-filled
Rising through mud
Claiming the bud of the lotus
That we may all share its Life.
Family, my origin
Destined to be
Greatest teachers through
Bruising my breast
Demanding my yes,
I acquiesce to learning the hard way
See this scar,
Not on purpose,
And yet, so far beyond
Your original intent.
I see you, flesh and blood
Heart of my heart,
Bone of my yard
We all try so hard to belong
To sing our own song,
Truth to the mother,
I can love no other,
Even if it means
Beholding this world
Without its masks
Cruelty and kindness
Wrapped and undressed
Will I continue
To fight?
Warrior goddess,
Priestess, mistress
Of all in my domain
Embracing the pain in order to
Be free.
I love you.
And I know you love me.
That’s it.
Messy, hurt
Dirty duty
Carried into a new world
Where I cut the rope
Without severing the cord
Holding us all in a web
That rises and falls with us all at the center
Hold on, sister,
I can’t make out the way just yet
But I can feel it coming
Winter storms,
Autumn leaves,
Summer kisses
Spring seeds.
I don’t know how,
Or why or even when
We will converge
But the fog is lifting,
And this ship is sailing through.


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