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Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself Part I

Ever taken a look at your life and thought, "This could be better." Maybe it's the job you have, the attitude you embody, your personality, your finances, your body, or your relationships. Have you ever noticed that you organize your life in predictable ways that spawn predictable results? Maybe you've heard the quote by Einstein that says, " Problems can't be solved with the same thinking that created them."?  I've been pondering this alot lately, especially after my year plus of re-training my brain to come out of chronic fight or flight and into relax and thrive mode. It's a funny thing to have experienced chronic illness and fatigue for the better part of 6 years, trained the body via the brain to stop freaking out all the time so it can devote that energy to healing, and then find myself looking around going, "Ok. I'm not in panic mode anymore. What do I want to CREATE?! How GOOD can I imagine life actually being?"