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People of the Living Soil-Weaving the World Anew

 We show up with looms Strung in heart strings Streching fabrics of hope Across eyes Peeking through dreams of Knowing We are weaving our world anew Spring is here now, Birdsong coaxing Life into bloom Asking for soil, Full of tiny lights Wriggling with thanks Waving,  Exchanging Threads of genetic silk Binding us as kin From thought to hand To pen To paper To tree To cell To protist To the dark loam Of God.

A Waking Dream of Living Soil

  I had a dream of living soil Hands twined within Black Moist Humus Seething with nematodes Bacteria Fungi Holy Communion Between Life, and Life, and Life. Her touch tickling my skin and We, wrapped in an embrace With Our lover, our home, Tierra. And as we gazed into Each others’ universes, We fed ourselves With eternal bodies Transubstantiating from bacteria To human And further on, Into light, carbon, And water. I awoke Pressing my fingers against flesh In need of sunlight, Water Bacteria, Nematodes Fungi How I longed to Dance again With the grace Of Living Soil