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Surrender, Advance, Repeat!! - The Newest Book

It's not just a life philosophy, it's my new book! In all honesty, I wrote this to cope with the uncertainty of moving to a completely new country (Denmark) and finding out I was pregnant around the same time. When all else fails to make sense of the unknown, play is the best way to face it. This book is just plain fun and a way to grapple with the new and strange through playing with language and story. For the purely content-philes out there, a few highlights: -If you are curious about how Denmark managed to save nearly all its Jews during WWII or the Danish Resistance, this could be your book. - If you like a good drama, labradoodles and Portland, Oregon, you're on the right track! I'd love to hear any feedback or questions you have so don't be shy, hit me with your thoughts, outrages, and suggestions. Check it out  HERE !