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Nun At Heart

Destiny I was born a skeptical nun Devotion for blood Thirst for proof  That could never be absolute So I left The habit draped  Over my shoulders And wandered the desert... Cause after cause Cathedral, candidate, Corpse Standing before a  Rosary of eternity My beating heart And falling before  The lance Of inherent frailty. Calling I can't divorce Fate. A call to serve, Digging past ideals Scraping through skin  Into bone Until the thrum of Humanity silences Party lines, humble pennies And absolute Rightness To baptize me  In Holy Choice. Simply the want  For a better striving. A deeper canyon Between summerland And unending night May swallow all belief, But this remains, Black and white  Billowing around me  In tatters Lifting an olive branch Even as the waters rise.

Save the world. Go vegan.

I taught my body to digest meat in my 20's. It turns out that if you aren't fed animal proteins in meat as a kid, your body doesn't produce certain enzymes for doing the job. Meaning, the second I tried a hamburger, my intestines went into emergency evacuation mode and my "adventure" turned gnarly, pronto.   I took this as a personal failing due to my religiously motivated upbringing as a vegetarian. Seventh-day Adventism had screwed me out of the enjoyment of travel through cuisine and I was upset. And motivated. Bone broths and digestive enzyme supplements took over my home after college. I was willing to do whatever it took to reboot my poor, ethically vegetarianized guts. Slowly, my body began to accept meats without violent retaliation. And then I started practicing yoga daily. In and of itself, this would have only supported my meat-quest, but like the questioner I am, I started delving into the philosophy behind the physical movement. For eating me