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Ghostwriting-The Faceless Voice

I started ghostwriting in my 20s. It didn’t occur to me at the time how creating words for others to use as their own would inform my own ideas on personal expression—I just loved writing and wanted to help great ideas grow some legs to stand on. My first assignment was for a Cal-tech theoretical physicist who wanted to explain the mechanism of external chi within a quantum healing field. The mandate--write the story line for a comic book that would make concepts like coherence, the unified field theory and the importance of bound states accessible for mass consumption and application.  Then there was The Godfather of the modern vegan movement—a former Silicon Valley OG who had come up with the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. He had made his fortune and now turned his focus onto movement building within the fields of health and personal transformation. I was hired to craft a vegan manifesto for him. Not only should it channel his passion and vision for veganism and

Speed Dating Rainbows-An Intro To Yoga Philosophy

My initial foray into yoga philosophy was like speed dating the individual colors of a rainbow. Each was an entire experience by itself, but the further I traveled through the colors, the more complex the structure became. I begin to realize that I was in a matrix of meanings and vibrations that transcended the individual shade of what I thought yoga was. Of who I thought I was… or what I could become. If that all sounds a little overwhelming and slightly disorienting, congratulations—you’re completely normal. Many of us, myself included, came to yoga because it offered a new way to move the body, perhaps heal injuries, and make some pretty unique shapes in the process. But I quickly realized there was something deeper happening in my class than being able to touch my head to my knees. I was going to places inside myself, finding strength I didn’t know I had, tapping into a focus that was rarely there in everyday life. For a couple years, experiencing that stillness in cla

To All Our Relatives

Greetings To All Our Relatives, 2017 has been a year of movement and stillness. Much like throwing a stone into a pond and watching the ripples, we have felt ourselves shift and stabilize, cast away from the familiar and seek unknown horizons. In the end, we have come to the the conclusion that relationships are the meaning makers for creating joy and conviviality across moments of chaos that life inevitably presents. Some of these details from our little family may be enjoyable for you to peruse and so we offer a few of the highlights and lowlights from the year just gone.  Tobias and Espen made two father-son trips to Denmark this year, totally sans mom, to great success. We fully acknowledge the opportunity for bi-lingualism and cultural plurality that having parents from different cultures affords Espen and committed to supporting this from the time he was born. This year he is 4 and we felt he was old enough to travel without mom so he could be immersed in a Danish-o