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Dismantling Christianity

I recently read a pastor’s blog who is being billed by some papers as the “Rising Star of the Religious Left” . For a Christian, he’s pretty out there if you consider traditional voting patterns within the United States of Jesus. He’s trying to call Evangelicals off the scent of LGBTQI hating and immigrant bigotry while simultaneously consolidating a base of confused Christians that didn’t vote for Trump by letting them know they aren’t crazy.  It’s not you, it’s them, rings through loud and clear. While this is a great tactic for mobilizing support, it also continues to feed the polarization that has the US in its clutches. Me against you. Right against wrong. Hippie Jesus vs Clan Jesus. I got a degree in History back in the day and one thing I learned is that history is written by the winners. America likes to win.   And yet, the cost of being awarded the chance to write the history of this land is much higher than most folks might be ready to stomach. This countr