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The Time Espen and I Came Back to Life at Thanksgiving

The day before COVID-Thanksgiving, Espen and I decided to take a spontaneous road trip to Winema Beach to visit the legendary "Pirate Cave" we had heard about from friends. I checked the tide tables and discovered that we would arrive on the outgoing tide so we decided to head out. 0.8 of a mile before our turnoff, traffic suddenly came to a complete standstill...and remained so for an hour. Espen was remarkably patient, but eventually he reached his limit and wailed, "THIS IS SO FREAKING BORRRRIIIINNNGGG!"  "Let's give it 10 more minutes and if it's not moving we'll find a different route."  The clock read 2:10pm. Low tide was at 3:44 so I reasoned it might give us our best chance of making it through the narrow beach spit to the beach with the cave. 3 minutes later, cars started moving and within 0.1 of a mile, we passed the wreckage of two SUVs that were completely obliterated. I said a silent prayer of gratitude and we finished the last leg

In the Beginning was the Word

Incantation births the moon Whispers molding ether Like clay Say what you dream Speak Life into air Recognize what already exists And live forever Mustard seeds fit  On the tip of a finger Yet Mountains slide apart  At their power Say what you mean Dreams are but nascent Reality Ready to rise out of  Desire So pungent  Sticky honey spells Adhere to atoms Forming a perfect oak tree To shelter Feed, Make love beneath...