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Fuckity Fuck Fuck And Other Non Enlightened Updates on Tobias and Our Life

Oh my people, family, community, heart! Can you believe that just over one week ago, Tobias was coming out of brain surgery?! It’s almost literally blowing my mind at how much has happened in 12 days. At how far Tobias has progressed on his path to recovery. At how re-integrating all of us into new roles at home has been playing out. Espen said the other day, “I need the MOST ATTENTION!!!” as I was attending to Tobias. We then had a conversation ranking who needs the most attention in order of Espen’s preference. 1.        Espen 2.        Dad 3.        Mom “Mama, you need the littlest attention right now, right?” I had to think about that because in a way, he’s quite accurate, in another, very wrong. Tobias is to the point now that he is walking the same number of steps (or more) than he was on an average day before the surgery. People from the Warrior Room (Morgan! Kiley!), friends, (Sam!) and family (Trillium!) have come walking with him each day and it is