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Heal the Moon

IMPRINT Mother crouches in darkness, Head on her knees, Blood dripping down Washing toilet sides And a scent, Rotting life, Moss and iron Files deep within my cells Until I bleed, Moan, Clutch my womb And wonder, Why this pain? Is something broken? INCUBATION I’m driving home early, High school in the rear view, 17, Stop at Old Navy for pajamas Blood and drugs and ice cream Praying for unconsciousness Let the moon flow down Wake me when I am clean again. REPRODUCTION Arbitrary crimson clockwork 28 days, 31 days Fingers drumming against my plans, Don’t go, it’s almost time, Make sure you’re close to home, Just in case. Random trips for mac and cheese Chocolate, salt and vinegar potato chips, And always, Naproxin in tubes, pockets, Anywhere close. Now I use it, call it out, Gotta go home early, My uterus hurts. I’m liking the pain, Cocooning, my private enclave Where I can devour the world With a spoon Asleep while the movie plays out. DEVIATION Hands slide down my torso La