Some places you love before you've even felt its wind on your face.

It hollers, "Home! Welcome back! I missed you!"

Iceland is breaking my soul in two.

The wildness of its high, lava scattered plain,
Wind and rain twirling the air
until you can't tell if it's fog or
hot springs or
gods breathing across the land.

I had a friend in Spokane back in the day, who described the feeling of intense love as "The Cheenies". Good old Beth Mort, she used to get so excited about someone that she'd experience the need to squeeze them until their head popped off.

It wasn't about violence, but rather that heart rush of WOW that sometimes makes you want to collapse into the sensation of being rocked in wonder.

Yep, Iceland. You are giving me the Cheenies. And it's wonderful because I'm never going to be able to tame you or hold you or even come close to owning you.

All I can do is marvel at your stark mountains rolling into green valley floors. I can offer my face to your chill evening breeze
and walk the paths by your rivers in silent awe.

You are PRIMAL.

I'm staring at the lava landscape as we head southeast out of Reyjavik and it looks like a sheet full of cookies just starting to rise. Except they are HUGE and cracked and made of black lava. Lava cookies.

And your fields of shaggy, proud horses-stoutly grazing or just letting the wind comb their manes as they stare up into the mountains...


It's the field of the gods, for certain. The land of fire and ice, indeed...but there is spirit here...does anyone else who has been here or lives in Iceland, feel this?

It's like the land is breathing audibly. Its life force seeps out of the cracks on its surface and mingles with the cold, the clouds, and the stars. Iceland may be the heart of the world.

So I found myself wandering along the Ytri-Ranga river, watching the plants unfurling their blooms, the gulls diving for fish, the tiny birds chirruping from blades of grass.

Can I sing their praises enough?
Can I find the sounds to bring their voices back to my world?
Can I open my heart to their strange and familiar lullabys?

I have 5 days to see, and I already know I'm smitten.


  1. Hello, Jaime...
    We stopped by the studio on Fri the 6th to say hello but we were told that you were in Iceland having a good time with Tobias and Espen.
    When checking your blog we realize that you are ''facing incredible goodness and joy'', which filled our hearts with contentment. No need to know more. It's as good as it gets...
    Our thoughts are still with you in peace of mind.
    Henry and Susanne


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