Nun At Heart


I was born a skeptical nun
Devotion for blood
Thirst for proof 
That could never be absolute

So I left
The habit draped 
Over my shoulders
And wandered the desert...
Cause after cause
Cathedral, candidate,
Standing before a 
Rosary of eternity
My beating heart
And falling before 
The lance
Of inherent frailty.


I can't divorce Fate.
A call to serve,
Digging past ideals
Scraping through skin 
Into bone
Until the thrum of
Humanity silences
Party lines, humble pennies
And absolute Rightness
To baptize me 
In Holy Choice.

Simply the want 
For a better striving.

A deeper canyon
Between summerland
And unending night
May swallow all belief,
But this remains,
Black and white 
Billowing around me 
In tatters
Lifting an olive branch
Even as the waters rise.


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